May 08, 2018 3 min read

Yoga is the latest trend among fitness enthusiasts. If your new year's resolution is to finally try yoga for yourself, there is no shortage of ways to go about it. From classes, to courses, to DVDs, all kinds of people are exploring the benefits of a yoga practice.

Yoga is gentle and has a positive and relaxing effect on both the body and mind. The best part is that anyone at any age can begin to practice yoga and one does not have to go anywhere to do it, nor do you need any special equipment outside from a yoga mat and some yoga clothes.

But like any form of exercise, yoga must always be done with a lot of care and caution. Beginners who are starting yoga often make a lot of mistakes in their bid to get fit quicker. These mistakes can stand in the way of a successful yoga routine. Whether you enroll in a course, or buy a DVD so you can work out in the privacy of your own home, these are some of the most common beginner yoga mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Not Knowing Your Level

Enrolling in an advanced course will not make you fitter in a shorter time. Just like workouts, yoga is different for every person. Sign up for a yoga class, or watch a DVD that matches your experience level physical fitness.

If you jump into an advanced class without any basic training in yoga, you will not be able to keep up with others in the class and can also end up hurting yourself. Beginning with an easy, basic course helps your body get flexible before moving on to advanced classes.

2. Practicing After a Meal

Exercise should never be done on a full stomach. If you practice yoga after enjoying a big meal, you will be uncomfortable and unable to make the most of the work out. Eat nothing more than a fruit or a few pieces of toast before doing yoga. This will keep hunger away while also keeping you fresh and energetic.

3. Wearing the Wrong Clothes

When it comes to clothing, there are two kinds of people: those who wear monstrously tight and uncomfortable clothes to a class, and those who wear loose, baggy clothing. Both are incorrect. Yoga involves bending your body into different poses, and restrictive clothing can hinder flexibility. On the other hand, baggy clothing can really get in the way during certain movements and yoga poses. Clothing that you wear at a yoga class should be form fitting but comfortable and breathable.

4. Self-Judgement

There are people in every yoga class with varying levels of physical fitness, so no one is going to judge you. It's no always easy, but don't let your self-judgement and self-consciousness keep you from seeking help trying a pose until you have got it right. 

5. Not Talking To the Instructor

Introducing yourself to the instructor is essential when you are new to a class. Talking about your fitness level, any injury that you might have, and other concerns helps the instructor know your limitations, so they can modify the workout approach to suit you.

Yoga is highly beneficial for your health and wellbeing when done right. Avoid these five beginner mistakes to get the most out of your new yoga routine in the new year.

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