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Requesting Your Mask

To request your free mask, visit A Mask for Every American and fill out the form, “Request Your Free Mask”.

Once you’ve successfully completed the “Request Your Free Mask” form, you’ll see a “Thank you!” message. Then, follow these three steps to confirm your mask request:

1) Check your email for the “Confirm Your Subscription” email.

2) Click “Yes, I want to subscribe.”

3) Then, you’ll receive another email with the subject, “We’ve Received Your Free Mask Request!” Receiving this email means your request is confirmed.

When you confirm your mask request by subscribing, you are subscribing to DHVANI’s A Mask For Every American (AMFEA) email list. We use this list to provide you with updates about your free mask request and the AMFEA initiative. Subscription to the AMFEA email list is required to receive your AMFEA free mask.

Please try viewing the confirmation email on another device or via a different web browser or mail app.

It is possible that your confirmation link has expired. If so, please submit your request again.

Yes, your subscription confirmation expires. If the link is no longer valid, resubmit your request using your same email address from your original request. We will resend you a new confirmation email.

To ensure that you receive your email updates, please add the email address to your email contact list. If emails appear blank or incomplete, please be sure to allow images in your email settings.

Please check your spam/junk folder for emails that you may have missed.

To ensure that everyone who requests a free mask gets one, we are currently sending one mask per request.

If you know of other people who need masks, please direct them to to submit a request.

Yes. Free masks are shipped on a first come, first served basis. When your free mask is next in the queue, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping information. Click on “Confirm Shipping Information” to verify the accuracy of your shipping information. Once you have confirmed your shipping information, it will ship via USPS First Class Mail.

All free masks are shipped on a first come, first served basis. Currently, there's a waitlist. New requests may take several weeks for delivery.

When your mask is next in line, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping information.

Once you have confirmed your shipping information, your mask will ship via USPS First Class Mail.

Yes, we're now offering the DHVANI Mask for sale. All proceeds go to A Mask For Every American.

Purchase your DHVANI Mask here:


The primary challenge A Mask for Every American continues to face is fundraising. Donations have slowed, but the virus is moving faster than ever.

The DHVANI Mask is now available for sale and every penny goes directly to A Mask for Every American. Your purchase covers the cost of your mask and the cost of masks for your fellow Americans who can’t afford one. 

It’s that simple. With One For All, buying one mask pays it forward so you can get the protection you need while helping others do the same.

Purchase your DHVANI Mask here:

No. Your mask is completely free. All masks are paid for by donations and you do not have to donate to request and receive your free mask.

All donations to AMFEA go directly to providing free masks to everyone who requests one. The vast majority of people who request free masks can not afford to donate, so your generosity is greatly appreciated. You can donate at

Thank you for supporting AMFEA! You can help by sharing AMFEA with your family, friends and members of your community by directing them to

Yes. You can donate via Paypal by clicking HERE.

You can donate by check, too. Please address your check to DHVANI and mail it to:


A Mask For Every American

PO Box 11269

Portland, OR 97211

Yes, GoFundMe’s minimum donation amount is $5.

About Your Mask

Your free DHVANI mask is reusable, washable and made of 100% cotton per the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

If you’re an Essential Worker or Everyday American, you’ll receive a reusable cloth mask. Hand washing or using the gentle cycle on your machine using warm water is best. Line dry to preserve the integrity of the elastic ear loops. We recommend that you wash your mask after every use.

Please note that, while your mask is made in accordance with US CDC guidelines, protection against viruses and other airborne pathogens is not guaranteed. It is important that you exercise caution to avoid the danger of infection even when wearing your mask.

Yes! Your mask comes with adjustable ear loops that allow the mask to fit comfortably against most faces, including those of kids.

Our cloth reusable masks are made of 100% cotton.

In order to meet the goal of providing a free mask to everyone in America, we have built and continue to build on our production capacity around the world. Currently, our masks are primarily made in the US and Asia.

Shipping & Privacy

No. Currently, we only ship free masks to people in the United States.

Yes. To update your mailing address, go to A Mask For Every American ( and re-submit your free mask request using the same email address and updated mailing address. 

You must re-confirm your subscription to the AMFEA email list by clicking “Yes, I want to subscribe” in the subscription confirmation email.

Once you subscribe to the AMFEA email list, you will receive updates about the AMFEA initiative and your free mask request. We’ll never share your email address, mailing address, or other information with any other 3rd parties.

You can unsubscribe from the DHVANI A Mask For Every American (AMFEA) email list by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any AMFEA email. This will cancel your request for your AMFEA free mask.

Yes. To cancel your request, click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email that you’ve received from us about the AMFEA initiative.

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